Error: Your website domain (ISP) is blocking the Enhanced Experience Composer: how to fix?



According to the troubleshooting page (Troubleshooting the Visual Experience Composer and Enhanced Experience Composer ), the fix is for my website domain (ISP) to whitelist the IPs for my region.

I am unsure where the whitelisting needs to happen.

my website has 2 webservers (AEM-based and hosted by Adobe Managed Services) and a load balancer in front (hosted in house). I have checked with our in-house team and no incoming/outgoing IPs are being blocked at the load balancer.

Can you please help? thanks!

ps. I have contacted Target support and they cannot tell me where to whitelist it as well. and while they have provided a workaround, it meant disabling EEC.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there and thanks for your question! You might want to start off by trying the workaround suggested by Target support - disabling the Enhanced Experience Composer will not pose a problem (it is simply another option for you to try). I hope this helps - please feel free to reach out here again if you face any issues moving forward!

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If that doesn't work, I was pointed to an extension called Requestly (​)

With this extension, you can remove x-frame options that could be causing an issue with the page.

Once you've installed it, set up a rule named "Remove X-Frame_Options" and give it the settings in the image below. Once you do, you should be  able to turn off the EEC and edit the page.