ERROR: Referring to invalid nodes

bkmills1 26-07-2018

Good morning/afternoon,

Is anyone having issues with Target Standard/Premium, where upon saving a change, an error message is shown stating: ERROR Referring to invalid nodes?

After opening an activity to make a change to, I was greeted with this error message. Initially I thought it was the custom code change I made--maybe something was missing. But no. I opened a completely different activity, made no changes then clicked Save, and got the same error message.

I've logged out/in. I also opened Target in a different browser (Firefox), and received the same message.

Is this possibly related to last nights release? More importantly, what can be done to eliminate this error so changes can be saved?





Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi bkmills1​,

Thank you for writing in. Could you please try clearing cache and cookies or logging into Target in an incognito window and try saving the activity? If the error continues to persist, please send us an email at with the name of the activity and we will take a look.

Hope this helps!


Answers (5)

Answers (5)

bkmills1 27-07-2018

Happy to hear those of us experiencing this issue were able to quickly resolve it!

surbgupt​ - thank you again for the suggestion! Our team will be making this a part of our process, particularly if/when a release appears to affect Target UI usability.

will_lanni 26-07-2018


I just cleared cache and cookies, and closed out my browser (all Chrome windows) to ensure the session was closed.

I reopened and went through the exact steps above.

I was able to save this time. Also, the interface changed slightly, I noticed. So there definitely was something stuck in the cache. Give that a shot, I think it will clear the problem.

EDIT looks like surbgupt​ beat me to it; that did work for me.

harpreets991202 27-07-2018

Faced similar issue yesterday which came because of Target release. It is resolved now and now I am able to create new activity, Save existing activity.


will_lanni 26-07-2018

Confirming the ability to duplicate this in the following form:

  1. I open Target for the first time, logging in fresh. Chrome (latest), Windows 10 (latest)
  2. I open a previously saved activity to make an edit
  3. I click in the URL bar to allow scripts to load in
  4. I click the Custom code button to open the panel
  5. I make my edit, correcting a shameful spelling mistake I should have caught. Bad me!
  6. I click Save in the custom code area to save the custom code.
  7. I expand the menu under the 'Next' button in the upper right and select "Save and Close"
  8. I see the progress animation in the top center indicating that the system is attempting to save
  9. I get an error exactly like bkmills1​ preventing me from saving my work.

I have not attempted to create a new Activity and save, and I haven't cleared cookies/cache, and restarted my browser yet to see if there is something cached that is giving me a headache. I'll do that now.