[Emergent] how to skip "link your account"to enter into adobe target



I have a new adobe ID today, then I enter into the linkage: Website testing and personalization | Adobe Target

It is asked to "link your account" before I enter into adobe target,

link your account.png

I only have an adobe ID and I don't have any other adobe target account, how can I get access to the dashboard below like my colleague does

adobe target.png

Need your emergent help! thank you so much!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Yuxi ,

It's seems that your Adobe ID doesn't have access to your Company account: Vision.  Can you please ask Marketing Cloud administrator in your company for the "vision account to provide you access to Adobe target .

If you do not know who is your marketing cloud administrator . Can you please reach out to your Account manager  in  Adobe for your Company account.

Please do let us know in case of any queries.



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