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I have DTM installed on my google chrome and the staging is ON so that when ever i create a experience  in adobe target i can do activity qa of that particular experience and see how it runs on the google chrome .

So this activity qa is pretty useful because of the dtm on chrome where you can see how the link exactly looks to the clients when it goes live


How to do the same thing on :

i) Mozilla

ii) I.E

iii) Safari

How do we test on these browsers ? Is there a way to get DTM on these browsers just  like we did on google chrome and test the activity ? Please help me out of how to do the activity qa on different browsers on desktop .

Thanks & Regards ,

Kalyan K

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Kalyan,

You can use the following command in the console in firefox and other browsers to load the DTM in staging mode :


Also if the objective is just check content delivery then that can be done by generating QA links for the activity and testing them across browsers.

Hope that helps


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Answers (1)