Drag and Drop mechanism into cq/personalization/components/targetparsys

arturl43391132 02-08-2019

Hi everyone

We use AEM 6.3. We have a page with targeting area with some components. How can we achieve drag and drop mechanism into the target area (cq/personalization/components/targetparsys)?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

arturl43391132 07-08-2019

I found the solution of the following problem: adding to "cssClass" of '/libs/cq/personalization/touch-ui/clientlibs/targeteditor/js/layer/TargetingOverlay.js' the class "cq-draggable".

If somebody has a better solution, will be glad to hear your answers.

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Answers (3)



I'm not sure if this will specifically answer your question however here is a KB article that talks about Experience Fragment integration from AEM to Target: AEM experience fragments

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arturl43391132 05-08-2019

Hi, mikewebguy
Thanks for attention

But unfortunately it did't help me to solve the issue.

If it is not to clear: I repeat what I mean. I want to achieve drag and drop mechanism of components within targetparsys.
E.g. there are 3 targeted components and I want to reorder them.

And we don't use Adobe Target, just AEM.


arturl43391132 02-08-2019

I mean there are some components already in targeting area. Is it real to drag and drop components which are situated in target area? (cq/personalization/components/targetparsys). In simple words, I want to get functionality of "reorder/move components in targetparsys".