Does updating "mbox3rdpartyid" mbox parameter with an ID different from value in Visitor ID cookie, disrupts the reporting (visitor metric) of an activity?



Scenario: I am updating the "mbox3rdpartyid" mbox parameter with a User ID which is different from value in Visitor ID cookie for the first Adobe Target call, to deliver expected experience to a user. For Adobe Target call(s) thereafter the "mbox3rdpartyid" mbox parameter will contain value present in Visitor ID cookie.


1st Adobe Target server call: "mbox3rdpartyid" = "1234567890" & "Visitor ID cookie" = "aaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd"

2nd Adobe Target server call and calls thereafter: "mbox3rdpartyid" = "aaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd" & "Visitor ID cookie" = "aaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd"

How will the above implementation affect reporting of an activity, especially the visitor metric (given that I am not updating the visitor ID cookie value)?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



The mbox3rdPartyID is your company's visitor ID, such as the membership ID for your company'.

When a visitor logs in to a company's site, the company typically creates an ID that is tied to the visitor's account.

When a visitor accesses a page on which Target is enabled, that visitor is assigned a Target PCID. If the visitor then logs in, and the implementation passes the mbox3rdPartyID to Target, Target connects that visitor's mbox3rdPartyID with the Target PCID.   

A different value of visitor Id in my opinion will skew the reporting.

Below documentation might help:

Real-Time Profile Syncing for mbox3rdPartyID

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