Deploying tests with Adobe Tag Manager 2.0



Hi everyone!

I have been trying to deploy some ab tests using only the Adobe Tag Manager 2.0 tag in the page but I am having problems on how to effectively launch the mboxCreate requests through the Tag Manager interface.
Could someone provide an example of how to configure the Tag Manager 2.0 to test the following part of my page?

<div id="testcontent">
<img src="iphone.jpg">

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Martin,

First you need to add a global mbox to the mbox configuration on the T&T side. Login and go to Configuration > mbox > edit and add the following to the "extra javascript box":

/* global mbox */

Note: the parameter for location.pathname is to hep to populate the page URL so it is easier to know where the mbox is when using Tagmanager.

Next, create a container in Tag Manager and add the product Adobe Target using your clientcode, which you can get from clientcare. Click on "synchronous" and click on "Save and Deploy".

This should be all you need to use TagManager for Test&Target.



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