Demandbase integration + Target = flicker experience

ericad-BNYMello 17-10-2018

Has anyone that uses Demandbase data to create personalized experiences via Target identified ways to optimize the set up/integration to reduce the flicker that the user can experience - on FIRST visit - while the criteria information is executed by the system?


User arrives to site

1) Geo location determined not to be EMEA - no Cookie Consent trigger

2) Determined to be user from target client (ABM)

3) Execute Target Recs activity developed for target client

1-2-3 = too slow process to not create an experience without flicker for the user



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Depending on how your implementation has been set up there are a few ways to do this. Your Adobe Implementation Consultant should be able to be of great assistance here. However here is some self serve information about the three possible ways to mitigate flicker in this KB article: How at.js Manages Flicker