Decibel Insight - Test variants appear broken in session replays using Target integration



We are using the Adobe Target integration with Decibel Insight to get additional information on the performance of our AB tests. Primarily by using the Heatmap and Session Replay functionality.


When we view session replays of Adobe Target test variants in Decibel Insight the pages appear broken - as if the CSS is not rendering correctly.


This is only an issue in the session replay, and not a Live issue. I was wondering if anyone had encountered this, and knew of a way to solve (I've also raised with Decibel Insight but not having much luck)


Steps to replicate:

1. Enable the Adobe Target integration in Decibel -

2. Launch an AB test

3. Create segments in Decibel Insight for both Default and Test Variant

4. View session replay of test variant

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