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Apologies if this has been raised before - happy to be redirected to an answer.


We are in the process of implementing Target. Part of the implementation is to add our offline (CRM) data to the product. We have successfully loaded our data to Customer Attributes and allocated an alias which is then mirrored into the SetCustomerID rule within our Launch environment.


Whilst this has now been in in place for 7 days (so latency isnt an issue) we do not see any data being passed to our Analytics and when we have set up a Target Audience for specific identifiable users the users are not seeing the experience.


Question 1 - Is there a debugger I can use to login to our site and see the Customer Attributes loaded? I can see the SetCustomerID output (below) but not the data being loaded 


id:######### (Our known customer id used in the load)

Question2 - Does anyone have an idea why the data would not be being passed to Target and Analytics? 

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello @FGHPhilJ !


You can actually a check the data on target servers through an API > (using third-party ID)

   Check for the customer ID, you are validating the data for.


If there are no crs parameters fetched through this API, target has not received the crs data. In such case, I would suggest

1. Ensure that the customer attribute data source is Active

2. Ensure that the attributes are subscribed to Target and Analytics

3. Check if the customer ID data is available through "Lookup ID" in Customer attributes

    If not, verify the csv file format to ensure there are no unwanted spaces and re-upload the data

     If yes, I will still suggest to try re-uploading the data


Please note , it may take upto 24hrs for the data to reach Target /Analytics.


Once the data is available on Target server : ensure that customer Id and authentication state is correctly passed in Target calls


Hope that helps!

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