Custom Goal Metric for Target Test

oentezari 12-01-2018


I am trying to create a test that will report on the number of times a button was clicked and whether any interaction occurred with its required textbox before the button was clicked.

My idea is to dynamically change the data-analytics attribute of the button to show whether any interaction occurred with the textbox before the button was clicked.

I have the test set up with that assumption, although I'm not completely certain it's correct.

I want to ask if anyone can give me detailed info on the data-analytics attribute and how it works with the reporting interface. 

Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi there and thanks for your question! You may find these resources within the Adobe Target Product Documentation useful: Success Metrics , Click Tracking , and Capture Score.

Feel free to reach out as you have more questions - hope this helps!

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Answers (1)

keithf73253183 27-03-2018

Hi, Amelia.

Can you please point me to documentation about "custom scoring"? I haven't been able to find much in the Adobe Target Product Documentation.