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Hi Harpreet,

   I am also working in React pages. Currently I am using Plain Javascript to implement the test variants. In Angular 1.x version we can create a functionality using Angular. The below code for extending the interceptor. But in React we does not have the way to write custom code.

  angular.module('appModule').config(function ($httpProvider, $provide) {

    $provide.factory('httpInterceptor', function ($q, $rootScope) {

        return {

            'request': function (config) {


$rootScope.$broadcast('httpRequest', config);

                return config || $q.when(config);


            'response': function (response) {

$rootScope.$broadcast('httpResponse', response);

                return response || $q.when(response);


            'requestError': function (rejection) {

                $rootScope.$broadcast('httpRequestError', rejection);

                return $q.reject(rejection);


            'responseError': function (rejection) {

$rootScope.$broadcast('httpResponseError', rejection);

                return $q.reject(rejection);







Hariharan S

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