Creating Experiences using VEC

ella_nguyen 29-03-2016


I have trying to create experiences for Experience Targeting activity using VEC, but can't seem to get through the first step which is to get the page to appear for editing. I keep getting this error "Website is taking too long to load or does not contain Target Libraries." I have been trying to troubleshoot by following advice on this page, but haven't been able to fix the problem:

I have deployed Target through DTM. Furthermore, I have custom rules that allow third party data to be used to build audiences. I did a simple A/B test with console messages to see if the mbox recognizes the third party data and shows me the message in the console meant for that audience profile. It worked. Now, I want to use VEC to create experiences for different audience but haven't been able to move forward because of that error.

Thanks !

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

ParitMittal 04-05-2016

Hi , 

Are you still facing the issue ?. If yes, Please do let us know so that we can further help you with same.

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Parit Mittal

ella_nguyen 29-04-2016

I deployed Target with DTM to the visual editor composer. The Target/AEM integration requires the Target stakeholder to also know how to use AEM.



Could you please try out the following?

a) Please check if mbox.js is present in the website. If present, make sure "includeExperienceManagerPlugin" is set to true. If false, target libraries will not load in VEC.

b) Check for target libraries while opening the website in the VEC. Go to the browser network window and check for the presence of target.js.

If it continues to fail, please also share the site URL.