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I have a question. I was approached by a team asking if I could create the following test:

Control - Current experience, where the user goes from page A to C.

Test - They want to create a page B in between so that when the user clicks on a link in page A, he/she is taken to B and from B the user can go to page C.

Is this test feasible in target?




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Accepted Solutions (1)





If the goal is to find the difference in visitors who access abc versus ac you will need to set up two Activities and build two separate segments in order to test the behavior. To give you an idea you could identify the visitors who visited urlA using profile parameters and visitors who visited urlB using url parameters.

Test1: urlA -> urlC
Segment for visitors who visited urlA

Test2: urlA -> urlB -> urlC
Segment for visitors who visited urlA and are currently on urlB

I hope this helps get you started. Have a great rest of your day.

--Mihnea Docea

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Answers (1)



Manna - 

Couldn't you just update the URL of the link in experience B to point to page B? Or Do you only want visitors to enter the test when they actually click on the link itself? If that is the case I would just a redirect offer on page C that would redirect them to page B. 

Let me know if this helps