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I have been working on a personalization use case, for which the audience groups are segmented and shared from audience manager. This was a site level personalization where in the audiences are divided into 5 audience segments. There has been a request to include a 20% control group who are exposed only to default experiences on the website. Any suggestions on how i can create an audience that is only 20% of the entire visitors of the website?? 

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It seems what you want is the functionality of both A/B's ability to direct traffic based on % and XT's ability to direct traffic based on the audience. Currently, there isn't an activity type that will do this. (People of the forum correct me if I've missed something) The correct thing to do would be to work with a developer and build a custom audience bases on visitor identifiers etc. That will take time and resources. However, I'm trying to think creatively for you. I think you will be able to accomplish your goal by setting up an additional audience that is identical for both and then only allow 20% of the visitors to enter the A/B test so it would look something like this:

Audience0 --> 20% -> ExpA (Control)

Audience0 + Audience1 --> ExpA
Audience0 + Audience2 --> ExpB
Audience0 + Audience3 --> ExpC
Audience0 + Audience4 --> ExpD
Audience0 + Audience5 --> ExpE

Have a look at the screen-shots below:
A/B Activity:







X/T Activity: 


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