Control experience without modifications not showing in Response Tokens

jaspers93520150 22-07-2019

When I have an A/B test where let's say experience A has no modifications, and experience B has a modification, the response tokens contain no trace of the activity when the user is in experience A. When a user is in experience B, I do get the expected response tokens.

I'm wondering it this is expected behaviour, and if so how I can find out in JS which activity's are active on the page.

I'm using the response tokens for debugging (very similar to what is described on the Response tokens page), but also to base some tracking on this.

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jaspers93520150 23-07-2019

Thank you for replying. I am aware of the Experience Cloud Debugger, and I use it indeed to verify which activities I qualified for when debugging.

For tracking however, I require that list of activities somewhere in JS code. Something like the ttMeta plugin used to provide.

When I follow the steps on the Response Tokens page in the section "Debugging (similar to the ttMeta plugin)", this works for XT tests and for all A/B test experiences where the page is modified.

When an experience has no modifications (because it is the control experience), I cannot see them in the response tokens.

FYI: Target is loaded by Launch, but that should not really matter here. Currently v2.1.0 is used, but the same behaviour was observed in earlier versions.