Content Targeting - how to configure specific campaign?



How to select a specific campaign when making a component targeted?. In teaser component we can select a path to specific campaign for targeting. 

But I can't find any such option in normal component for example a text&image component.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Abhijeet,

First you need to create a campaign in Test&Target. Next, you select the target level: campaign, mbox/location, or experience. Do this by clicking on the "Edit" tab in the campaign and click either "target this campaign" or "create a new segment" next to the location name or the experience name.  A smaller window will open up with conditions you can set.  Here is where you decide the targeting conditions your site visitors must meet before they can join the campaign and be counted in the results.  There is a help article about this section:

I also recommend reading up on the targeting interface here:



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