Combine AAM Audiences in Target Library



Hi all,

I am hoping this question has a simple answer which has been in front of me all this time

I need to combine different AAM audiences into one. I know this can be done as an activity-only audience, however I need it to be available in the Library as I will then need to combine them further, and I also need to be able to use them across different activities.

Can this be done at all?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi milliec45745379​ I don't believe there is an option to create a combined audience in Target that can be re used. But it does sound like a great feature to have and if you would like this requirement to be productized in the future, then we recommend that you submit this as a  feature request through --> Submit an idea

This has the visibility of the product management team and would help get the feature prioritized if more users on the forum support the idea.