I'm trying to wrap my head around how to properly implement Click-Tracking within Test & Target (Advanced).  As is typically the case, the team writing client-side code into the T&T interface is not the same team that produced the published site - which is to say they do not have access to the underlying source code.  With that said, suppose I want to do a classic A/B Test where I wish to understand whether "30 Days Free" messaging has a higher click-through and conversion than "One Month Free".  Each messaging option contains two buttons both labeled "Learn More" and "Buy Now".

So I would setup a campaign where Experience A equals the default IT produced content (30 days Free) for half the traffic and Experience B (One Month Free) that represents the T&T inserted content to the other 50%.  This document  spells out how to do Click Tracking in T&T; however, there appears to be a few gaps:

  1. This solution seems to only support a single click within the mBox.  In my example above, I want to understand how many people clicked on "Learn More" vs "Buy Now" for each experience.
  2. The proposed solution doesn't seem to spell out how to capture clicks from Experience A.  Since the T&T developers don't have access to the source code, how do we capture the clicks to the default buttons and send those to the appropriate Success Metrics?  Again, we'd need to capture both the "Learn More" and "Buy Now" clicks from Experience A separately.
  3. The example code seems to only capture the URL clicked, since Experience A and B go to the same place (remember, we are only testing nomenclature here) - the URL is less important than is a clear designation of what was clicked, e.g. "Exp A - Learn More".  Also, the document states you can integrate these clicks with Analytics and weighting - how exactly?

Thanks in advance for any additional documentation or code which would answer these questions.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi there,

To understand this, it would be best if you could go over the current set up that you have for this site.

In case you have conversion mboxes set up for this site on the landing pages of "Learn More" and "Buy Now," then we would not have to indulge in click tracking, just a simple campaign with different banners as different experiences and "Buy Now" page mbox and "Learn More" page mbox as conversion mboxes will work. This appraoch would be much simpler.

However, in case you do not have any mboxes set up for conversion, and it is not possible to make this change, then within the HTML offers, you would have to include the HTML of that offer with the anchor tags that would fire the script for click tracking. The script would look something like the following:

<script type="text/javascript">
mboxDefine("dynamicElement", "mbox_dynamic", "parameter1=value1");
mboxUpdate("mbox_dynamic", "parameter1=value1");

Let me know if there are any concerns.