Changing the Experience name after A4T is enabled

vijayc88216288 10-05-2020

Hi Experts,


I was working on one activity that was already live and reporting suite was Adobe Analytics. I had to change the experience name from "A" to "B" which I did, after that I saw two experiences in analytics report(workspace) and their was the discrepancy in number which i thought will go after some time, but today when I checked I am only able to see the new experience. 

Please help me.

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TanviAgarwal89 20-05-2020

Hi @vijayc88216288 !


Reports once passed to Analytics server cannot be deleted or modified. So I suggest 

1. View the activity reports in analytics workspace from the day it was  activated > You should be able to see both the experience names


Only new experience will display as all the new visitors are not qualifying for this new name 🙂


2. You would need to add the visitor of both the experiences to have the complete view of reports.


Hope that helps!

karand53490614 20-05-2020

@vijayc88216288 Ideally it is not recommeded to change the name of the A4T activity or experience after it has gone live

The old experience must be there. Please check it would have deleted added at the end of it. Suppose if the name of the earlier experience was A, then it would show as A(deleted) on Analytics. 

Please check and confirm?