Changing profile.geolocation.state for testing purposes

tonyl62487480 24-07-2019

Is it possible to add a URL parameter to set a geolocation state for testing purposes which overrides the stored geolocation.state that has been set in the user profile?

We currently have an A/B test that should deliver bespoke content depending on which state has been identified in the user profile but we are unable to test any variations apart from the content for our current state/location.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Jennifer_Huynh 24-07-2019

What version of mbox are you using?  If you using mbox.js you can override your IP address with an IP address from a different location and use the mboxOverride.browserIP url parameter.  So if your company is in the UK, but your global campaign targets visitors in Aukland, New Zealand, use this style of URL assuming that is an IP address in Auckland: to over

If you are using at.js, you can use the QA link to view the experience.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

peterhartung 29-07-2019

Our documentation has many other details around Geolocation:


The above comment from Jennifer has a slight typo.  The correct parameter is "?mboxOverride.browserIp=".  Jennifer should have included the "m" at the start of the parameter.