Cannot see segments from Analytics in Target




Why I Cannot see segments from Analytics in Target?

I check the checkbox and I do have full access to any marketing cloud tools.


But all audiences I see are created by me in Target. It lasts over 48 hours.


Besides, I check the document: Publish an Analytics audience segment

But I didn't see button "Import Marketing Cloud Audiences"


Can anyone help me on that?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi ZZ,

Thanks for your question! I clicked on the documentation link you shared but it did not lead to an active page. Perhaps you can check out/ follow the steps listed here: Publishing Segments to the Marketing Cloud .

Also, this bog post on Sharing Segments with the Marketing Cloud may be helpful.

Finally, this article on Analytics Segmentation may also contain some useful information.

****And most importantly, you can pose your question/ discuss the details directly to Target Product Managers and Marketers next week, January 25th at during the Discovering & Managing Audiences for Maturity webinar (part of the Personalization Thursdays webinar series). Check out the event description below, and register here to reserve your spot today! Hope this is helpful!

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