Can we integrate Adobe Target with SAS Platform?




Hi All,

I know that Adobe Reports and Analytics is the master brain for Adobe Target to do all sort of segmentation to do effective marketing and re-targeting. Can we use offline data from SAS to build algorithms and segmentations within Adobe Target? If yes, kindly provide some reference URLs to learn more about the integration and usage with SAS.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Arun, thanks for your question!

There are several ways that you can get third party customer data into Target, below is a list of and description for each:

(1) Page parameters (also called "mbox parameters"): useful to send additional page data to Target that does not need to be stored with the visitor's profile for future targeting use. These values are instead used to describe the page or the action the user took on the specific page.

(2) in-page profile attributes (also called "in-mbox profile attributes): in-page profile attributes allow user-specific data to be stored in Target's profile for later targeting and segmentation

(3) script profile attributes: users write small code snippets that execute per mbox call, and before a visitor is evaluated for audience and activity membership

(4) Bulk profile update API: Each visitor profile can be updated with multiple in-page profile attributes in one call. Note: this option is very similar to Customer Attributes with a few differences:

               1. Customer Attributes uses a FTP upload while the Target Bulk Profile Update API uses a HTTP POST API.

               2.  Customer Attributes data can be shared with Analytics, Bulk Profile Update is only useable in Target.

               3. Customer Attributes supports creating a profile for a user Target has not yet seen. The Bulk Profile Update API only updates                     existing Target profiles.

               4. Customer Attributes requires the use of the Experience Cloud ID (ECID). Bulk Profile Update API requires either the TNT ID or                     the mbox3rdPartyId.

(5) Single Profile Update API: Almost identical to the Bulk Profile Update API, but only one visitor profile is updated at a time, in line in the API call instead of with a csv file

(6) Customer Attributes: Upload visitor profile data via FTP to  the Experience Cloud. Once uploaded, leverage the data in Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target.

Hope this is helpful!

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