Campaigns Not displaying?




In the last day or so we've noticed that some of the content we're serving through Target is no longer showing.

We have an XT activity set up and live. The preview link shows the content as expected, but despite my meeting the audience criteria, I'm not seeing the content in a live environment. We're also not seeing any clicks on the mbox since yesterday, despite seeing a lot of visitors enter the activity.

Interestingly, the mbox being used is appearing in the debugger tool, and says it is showing default content. However when I use the 'mboxTrace' method, that same mbox is not shown.

This particular mbox is being used in multiple campaigns, so there may be a clash. I tried deactivating all campaigns except the one in question, but with no luck. Has anyone had this problem before?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Nevermind, issue resolved.

Leaving this up in case anyone encounters something similar: the activity in question didn't work because it had apostrophes in its name.

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