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moritzh76280848 02-04-2020

Good day,


I want to set up a recommendation where the last bought products of the individual user are listed in descending order by date. The intention is to create a rebuy reco ("Do you want to buy this articles again?") for frequently bought products.


I can see in the debugging mode that the previously bought Ids are included in the product request, but I am not able to create a critera for that. I only have the possibility to address the very last bought product, but not the "last bought products"  


Thanks in advance.

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TanviAgarwal89 20-05-2020

Hi @moritzh76280848 ,


Target does not capture and store the purchase history of each visitor individually. However it just captures the last purchases on the website as a whole. So creating this criteria directly is not an option for now.


However if you have the list of purchase history, you can explore the option of customer criteria >