Best Practice for running different campaigns on 1 page?




I have 3 campaigns that has overlaps on test pages.  For example I have this:

Campaign 1: Homepage and Cart Page

Campaign 2: Homepage and Product Page.

Campaign 3: Cart Page

If I have these separate campaigns, what is the best practice of running these tests at the same time but mutually exclusive from each other?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Benjamin,

Target determines which activity (or activities) to deliver to a page differently depending on which Target interface and which activity creation function (Visual Experience Composer or Form Based composer) you're using.

Please see the following link for more information :

if your company uses Target Standard/Premium and the Visual Experience Composer exclusively, then content from multiple activities can be returned for the same call. Activities are delivered using the following decision flow:

  • The Target server call comes to Target with information about the URL.
  • Target pulls every activity running on that URL.
  • Target attempts to match the visitor into activities.
  • If the visitor is already in an A/B test or Multivariate Test, they will match into that test until they convert. If they were previously in an experience targeting activity, they must match into it again. If they meet the audience rules, then the visitor falls into those activities and into specific experiences. (How experience matching works.)
  • Content for all the activities and experiences the visitor matches is returned to the page.
  • If the content for each activity references different CSS selectors, then all content is displayed.
  • If there is an overlap or a duplicated CSS selector, then the activity content with the highest priority is displayed. The results from all activities that run on the page are counted and reflected in the reports.
  • Important: Target returns the content for all activities on the page, beginning with the lowest-priority content, which is then overwritten by each activity, from lowest to highest priority. In most cases, this results in the highest priority content being displayed. However, if a lower-priority activity alters the structure of the DOM for the page, it is possible that the higher-priority activity will not recognize the page structure, so the lower-priority content will be displayed. The results from all activities that run on the page are counted and reflected in the reports.
  • If multiple activities share the same priority level, then there are two tiebreakers:
    • If only one activity has audience targeting, that activity is displayed.
    • If all or none have targeting, then the most recently activated activity is displayed.

Please do let us know in case of any more questions or queries.


Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal

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Hey Parit,

I'm using form-based composer with a global mbox. I think this is a slightly different question, but if I have 2 campaigns running on overlapping pages, is there a way to deliver the experience content through a single `getOffer` call? It seems like to get experiences from multiple campaigns on a single page, you have to use two mboxes which means two `getOffer` calls. Otherwise, if you try to deliver both campaigns through the same mbox, one of the activities will display over the other (as in step 6 of the link you posted).


- PJ