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We are using Auto-target and Automated personalization and even if those data can't be sent directly to Analytics, I was wondering if anyone have a creative/cleaver answer for our problem.

Our analytics team manages the main marketing campaigns dashboard and we would want to be able to give visibility to our stats.

One Idea we have is to add utm codes on our CTA (one different for each experiences).  But that would only give info on how much people have taken action on this or that experience.  We obviously miss the "how much people have been served this or that experience".  So we can't perform conversion rate calculation for each experiences.

So my question is:

  • Has someone done this (enterprise/automated level)?
  • Is it possible to use tokens to send something in the DOM (the experience_ID) so a DTM rule could cumulate the visits in Analytics
    • If so, what would be the best data to send
    • What data should be relevant to use to give visibility on our activities, in a master marketing campaign overview dashboard
  • Is it better to use APIs
    • If so, I don't have a clue about how to start with this
  • Is it better to only give aggregated info for the overall activity instead of giving experience level data (visits/conversions/conversion rate)

Thanks for your help

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hey Eric9876543214444554​,

You are correct, when using Auto-Target and Auto personalization it is using Target as the data source, and will not make it into analytics. One suggestion is to use the target code to create an analytics call in a variable, however, it won't work as an Analytics as a data source, activity, of course.

Your idea of adding utm codes on your CTA is also a great idea, or even using query parameters as well, and capture them in a variable that's similar to target personalized activities.

  • Has someone done this (enterprise/automated level)?

Not that I am aware of, at least not in production accounts.

Is it better to use APIs

This may be more difficult. You can retrieve the activity Performance Report via: Target API v1.0

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Answers (3)