Automating the personalization of 100's of store opening announcements in a year

AnthonyCP 23-01-2020

Does anyone have a recommendation how to best handle this with Target Standard?



100+ store openings in a year, we show a single zip code a modified static single variant hero image on the HP, city name (dynamic) CTA with a unique destination URL to the store opening page. Store opening events are about 3-5 days long so they all need a start and end date. 


Currently we duplicate an XT Activity, make the text and destination url changes and schedule the start/end. Hoping someone knows of a solution that doesn't require 100 separate manual XT activities. Ideally a single XT, single audience with all zip codes, and a new Experience is enabled once a store opens. 

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



I want to make sure we have the best understanding of this.

Are you targetting to all visitors for each opening or do you have visitors grouped into separate audiences?

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