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I am finding it difficult to grasp the difference between Auto-Target and Automated Personalization. Am I wrong to understand that the only difference between the two is Auto-Target uses not just your information to target a user but also previous users with similar profiles whereas Automated Personalization is the building of the profile of the individual and the audience?

My confusion stems from the fact that both seem to be AI driven targeting based on a profile of what you like and creating the personalized experience from that.

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Justin Li

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Have a look alt this KB article Activities overview make sure to click on each activity name/type for an in depth article on it.

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@justinl40680371 you can certainly dig a bit deeper into this topic area if you join us tomorrow during the next Adobe Target Community Q&A Coffee Break, where Senior Adobe Target Product Manager, Rob Hornick, will be sharing insights and answering questions related to his areas of expertise, which include Auto-Target, Automated Personalization, and Recommendations. If you can't join, you can also post your questions for him now in the event thread: 😊