Audience - Visitor Profile - Not in another test || Does this exclude people who are in the control group?



Hi, I think this is a simple question, but for the audience "Visitor Profile - Not in another test" does this also exclude people who are in the control group of another test?

I assumed it does, but I was asked this question and I couldn't find any documentation saying so.



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Hi Dave,

Just want to share my thoughts on this while awaiting a comment from Adobe.

I interpret "In other tests" as "in other A/B and MVT activities". Visitors facing XT, AP and Recommendations should not be affected by this Visitor Profile setting.



Resurfacing this thread with another question. Hope the community can help out.

I have two pop up test running on the same page and need to exclude users for getting bucketed into both experiments.

How does Target evaluate the Not In Other Test rule in scenario ? Would we need to code in the order of operations for this rule to work? Or is there a hierarchy we can select in Target? Or will Target evaluate traffic and bucket users and exclude them automatically?



Sorry to unearth a two-year old post - but i also cannot find any documentation about these pre-built audiences.

Specifically i want to know what the definition of a "test" is here, does it cover all activities types,(including XT,s and recommendations for example) or just A/B and MVT "tests".

Perhaps someone from Adobe could point us to the correct help docs?



I've search high and low, as I'm sure you have too, and cannot find any documentation related to visitor: not in other tests. Perhaps your Target consultant can provide a definition.



John - This is also my understanding. Løjmann is correct: it doesn't matter if it's the control or one of the test variants -- they would still be considered entrants from another test.

- Brion