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How do I set an audience rule in Target that states the experience should only fire once on that url, so if the user goes back they don’t see it again?

This experience in question here is a country welcome pop-up, so if they navigate back to homepage we don’t want it to keep firing again.

There is a visitor profile rule called "first page of session". This is similar but not the same.

There’s also an option of it being entry page / landing page only.

This would work in theory, but confusingly doesn’t work with subdomains….

We only want the experience to fire on subdomain

if the user visits our other subdomain and navigates to /row subdomain, we want this to fire, but it won’t because AT sees this as the same session and not the first page of session or the entry page. This is because they're the same report suite (we have virtual report suite to split /uk and /row)

Can you help please!?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi simonb23491113

"Is landing page" should work in this case. What you are calling a sub-domain appears to just be a folder. Subdomain should be the part before the:, so in "www' is the subdomain. If that part isn't changing then this might work for you.

If that does/can change than you might need another option. I can't think of an OOTB way to do this. However, you could customize a profile script to help you. There would also need to be an "experience seen" signal sent back to Target.

Perhaps something like this:

  1. Visitor sees the experience
    1. Experience includes custom code script that fires an back to Target with some mbox parameter flag (e.g., countryPopUp=seen)
  2. Configure a profile script to trigger when mbox parameter countryPopUp=seen is present, check that current session is new, store current session id, return true or some other value
  3. Create an audience that excludes people with a true from #2
  4. Add this as the activity audience (or combine it with an existing audience)

Hope that helps,


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