At.js custom events



Hi Experts, I was trying to check the performance of webpage and tried using at.js custom events to evaluate the same.

1. As per the at.js working flow :
2. At.js is loaded
3. Body is hidden
4. response is received
5. body is unhide and css selector recieved in response is hidden
6.Offer is applied
7. css selector is unhide

Before the load of at.js I have executed new Date().getTime(); in order to check the time before at.js load.

Now I am fetching the time after each and every custom events firing mentioned below in order to get the time taken by target starting from target load till offer rendering.

The help doc tells that :

Content Rendering Succeeded
String Value: at-content-rendering-succeeded
Description: Offer rendering was successful. DOM changes have been applied.


Content Rendering Start
String Value: at-content-rendering-start
Description: This event is fired before selector polling is started and content is rendered to the page. You can use this event to track the content rendering progress.

so wanted to ask when does "CONTENT_RENDERING_SUCCEEDED" and "CONTENT_RENDERING_START" is fired after which step mentioned above


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