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i have a technical question , you can address it when the time is right. in At.js versions 1.8 and before the tag use to include the name of the mbox = target-global-mbox by default. but for at.js 2.2 and above has removed the need to add target-global-mbox as a mbox variable. Would you know why

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Answers (5)



@enauticss861856 at.js 2.x does not have a global mbox request concept but rather a page-load request. A page-load request can be viewed as a request to retrieve content that should be applied on the initial page load of your website.

In at.js 2. x , you no longer see “ target-global-mbox ” visibly in the network calls. Instead, we have replaced the “ target-global-mbox ” syntax to “ execute > pageLoad ” in the JSON payload sent to the Target servers.

Essentially the global mbox concept was introduced to let Target know whether to retrieve offers and content on page-load. Thus, we have made this more explicit in our newest version.






Hi @enauticss861856  in at.js 2.x, we have page load request concept. When the target image request is fired for at.js 2.X you can see "execute ---> pageLoad" in the image request. this actually works like target-global-mbox. For target this call is exactly similar with the gobal mbox request.

All params that you passed in your implementation will reflect under execute --->pageLoad.