AT.JS 2.x and AAM Audiences



I've been reading up on at.js 2, and one of the big selling points looks to be it can load all of your activities for your SPA flow at once and cache them local, rather than requiring a round trip to the server for each new view.

Nice feature.

I do have a question though:  Say you are capturing data in Analytics that forwards over to AAM.  You have a segment defined in AAM that your user qualifies for on View X of your SPA, and you use that audience for an XT activity on View X+2.  Will the user get the expected personalization on that view?

One of the pitch points when I was first looking at AAM was that data captured on a page is available for personalization on the next page.  Before I recommend my client move to at.js 2, I want to understand how it might affect this scenario.

Thanks in advance!


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Thank you @abu_shafi for resolving this question! I've copy and pasted your Comment below as an Answer for higher visibility:


"You are correct. Analytics data captured on the page and ready for you in AAM in next page for personalization. So you have to call target every time to get the latest personalization content (regardless of SPA or not)"

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