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I watched the Personalization Thursdays: "Analytics for Target Best Practices" webinar that originally aired 10/25/18 and one of the topics mentioned was making sure your Analytics TnT variable matches your Target cookie expiration. What is the benefits of doing this and what are the consequences if the two don't match? I'm trying to understand if I need to make any adjustments.

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Hi OptimizerHolly​, It's definitely a good idea to reconcile the Analytics variable expiration (default 90 days) with the Target cookie duration (default 14 days).  But its important to note that those expiration control separate things.  Target controls experience assignment while Analytics determines how long to retain the value once it is collected.  It's not exactly a 1:1 comparison.

To give you some context, Most AA cookies have a 2 yr expiration.

If a visitor enters an activity and then their Target cookie/profile expires, then they re enter the activity. They will still remain as 1 visitor in the activity, because AA still knows it is the same visitor.

However, since Target thinks they are new they could get assigned a different experience then they got previously.

In which case AA will report one visitor in 2 experiences. Which in this case is associate.

If viewing an experience level report it will look like 2 visitors, but the activity level should still report just 1.

Hope this helps add some insights.

Ref: View reports - A4T FAQ

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