After migration to Launch, Target property token is no longer automatically detected within Target VEC

Joe_Y_1 24-01-2020

After migrating from DTM to Launch, the Target property token is no longer getting automatically detected within the Target VEC.



Within Launch, we are using the latest version of the Adobe Target extension.



We have a Page Top rule configured to Load Target then Add at_property to All Mboxes then Fire Global Mbox. We would expect with this setup, that the Target property token would be present at the time that the Target VEC tries to detect it. Has anyone else experienced this issue. Is there something wrong with our Launch rule setup?



launch Target

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Gaurav_Singh 13-02-2020

Hi Joe , 


could you just try adding a data element for at_property by following the steps provided and then check . I hope this would fix your problem .LauchSteps (1).gif

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