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In our project we are trying to configure the integration between AEM and Target using Adobe I/O, we have followed all steps described in the note

And it looks fine. But when we try to export to Adobe Target an Experience Fragment, we are getting an error




We’ve been testing more things and we think the problem lies on Target default workspace.

We have defined the following configuration for the Experience Fragments:




If we try exporting it we get the error on the first screenshot.

In the error.log file we get this:

{"httpStatus":400,"requestId":"yFOYfxyaS11AeybyJnPOKInot1MNYb6C","requestTime":"2020-07-31T11:41:29.155Z","errors":[{"errorCode":"WorkspacesEnabledClient.offerDTO.workspaces","message":"workspaces not enabled for the client","meta":{"workspaces":"invalid"}}]}

        at [com.adobe.cq.cq-target-integration:1.3.28]

        ... 151 common frames omitted

31.07.2020 13:41:37.548 *INFO* [] Sending GET request to


Once we’ve seen this error we’ve tried to delete AEM from the equation so we are testing the integration using the Target API you have available here:

There we can download a Postman collection to interact with Adobe Target directly:



The first step is to obtain a JWT token from Adobe IO following this instructions:!AdobeDocs/adobeio-auth/master/JWT/

With this token we can invoke the first service in Postman to obtain the access token for the following service calls:



We define the global variables used by the Postman requests:



And now we can retrieve the offers we have on Target, for example:



But if we try to create a new offer we get the same error that we can see at AEM:




In the previous image we can see we are using the default workspace. In our orject we have 2 workspaces:



We cannot create an offer on any workspace….

In the integration tab we can see the role configured to ‘Editor’ which it's assigned to several people it’s also OK or that's how it looks:




On the other hand, we’ve tested to create an offer without specifying the workspace in Postman and we could do it (but AEM cannot do it of course).






Please, can you help us know where the problem is?

I think it’s in at the ‘default Workspace’ but we don’t know what to configure and where. Do any of you know what is happening?



We’ve realized is that we cannot switch between workspaces in target despite we’ve seen we have 2 workspaces and the user has approver role for both.

We expected to see a selector at the upper right corner of the screen but we can only see the user name and the role… (I don’t know if this is normal).


Thanks a lot!

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@rosamart Can you please confirm if your account is provisioned for Target Standard or Target Premium?

From the error, it looks that the Default Workspace could probably not set for your account. You could write an email to Target support ( for verifying this.

Please also confirm if you are able to export Experience Fragment using the legacy integration?



Hey Rosa. We had a similar problem with the I/O integration of AEM/Target. Do you have Target Standard or Premium? For us, we are on Target Standard and the AEM service pack only supports integrating when there are multiple workspaces available (ie. only with Target Premium). We eventually had to integrate with AEM using the classic method instead.



Hi @rosamart  I was able to create offer using Admin API. while creating the project you need to add the workspace with the project and same workspace id must be given while creating the offer using api