Advantages of using Dynamic Tag Management for Adobe Target

s_kala 28-11-2017

Hi Guys,

I know this is an open-ended question, but I am trying to understand the advantages of using Dynamic Tag Management over using Adobe Target directly. What are some of the use-cases where using dynamic tag management will make my life easier?

Appreciate your response.

Suchindra Kala

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Suchindra, thanks for posing this question to the group!

By using DTM for Target, you'll have an easier time managing which pages call Target. Otherwise, it can be challenging to update all pages at once with newer versions. Additionally, using DTM for Target makes for an easier integration with the Marketing Cloud ID.

You might also find some helpful guidance in Target's documentation on Best Practices for Implementing Adobe Target using Dynamic Tag Management, as well as in Additional Resources for Implementing Target using DTM. While those are more resources for actually implementing DTM for Target, you might find some suggestions within the documentation on the benefits of using DTM for Target. Additionally, here is a recent blog post on Five Things to Know about Adobe Dynamic Tag Management

Hope this info is helpful!

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

russpainter 28-11-2017

If you are trying to swap content with a DTM-loaded mbox, it will most likely flicker or be delayed, because you have to wait for DTM to kick in before you can begin changing content.

We've only used DTM-loaded mboxes for tracking. If you know that you probably won't need to test on pages that you need to track, you could leverage DTM-loaded mboxes.


Hi Suchindra,

I've spoken with a couple of other colleagues about their thoughts on the benefits of using DTM over using Target directly. In addition to the above, also note that when you use DTM, you can update your library and other implementation details without doing a code release (a big reason for tag managers to begin with). Also, if you use the ID Service and Target Tools in DTM, the libraries will always load in the right order. Hope this is helpful!