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Hi All,

at.js added to the site

Some lines of code  added in the library footer code has mentioned as mentioned in the link -

IN the Launch one of the rule-; has added

IN the network, I can able to see the delivery request , But viewName are not available , I don’t see the views in the prefetch.

To get the viewName , Do we need to add the logic’s inside the code base of the Mobile  site is required?

Or library footer code will help us to generate the views.

Can you please provide the steps in order to get the view name in the vec for Spa using launch with the Angular

Thanks In Advance



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi pradeepr65740266​,

               Consider the scenario, we have a home page and a next button.

               For home page trigger view name is home and after clicking next button a new content gets loaded then trigger view for this content will be step2.

              In launch create a rule to load target and fire target for at.js 2.2.0 and then add a custom action trigger for home page load and give a unique name to the trigger view.


     In custom code :


Now Load the page in target VEC in the modification tab you can see the current view as homeView and click next button you will get current view as step2.

According to the documentation s-20-in-a-single-page-application.html, they are using the trigger view function based on the url change.


Arun Kumaran

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Answers (2)




Hi @pradeepr6574026,


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