Adobe target using VEC vs adobe target using within AEM



Hi All

I am new to Test and target. I can see all functionalties that we use for setting experience target is available with cloud target VEC.

What is the pros and cons of both ways..?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there and thanks for your question! Integrating AEM with Adobe Target requires knowledge of Adobe Target, AEM Activities management, and AEM Audiences management. This article on Integrating AEM with Adobe Target contains several resources on this topic.

Basically, there are now 2 integration approaches. In AEM workflow, we have A/B testing and rules-based targeting which are powered by Adobe Target. The options are very basic, and are meant to enable content authors to stay in their tool for these very basic tasks. Experience Fragments into Target is in the Target workflow, meaning you can use the VEC or the Form Composer to set up and test personalization activities that use Experience Fragments as an offer type. In the Target workflow, you can select a container, and swap with Experience Fragments - this will enable you to unlock the full power of Target on the content you manage in AEM.

The following chart also helps explain the differences:


Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out here if you have any other questions!