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I wanted to know the support of Adobe Target with Angular 4 typescripts. Do we need to do anything different for setting up A/B testing activity by including any code in our code base (Angular 4) or does it work as usual for any other technology?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello manoharr17567932​,

You could try the following approaches. (Here we assume that you use at.js and at.js is deployed into your page HTML HEAD).

1. Try setting up an activity for your Angular 4 application using Visual Experience Composer, if everything works and the offer is properly applied, then you are all set.

2. If for whatever reason, offers are not applied or you are running into issues, then you could try using our Angular 4 module. The modules can be found here: target-atjs-extensions/angular2/module at master · Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/target-atjs-extensions · Gi.... NOTE: you'll have to use Form Based Composer to be able to use Angular 4 module.

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