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Hi Experts,


We have two different geographies for a website and wants to show the recommendations on both geographies.

I want to create a blueprint first before creating the setup and recs activity


1. I'll setup two data feeds for each geographies. Let's say I'll have data feed for products in Thai and other feed for products in english

2. I'll create collection for each geographies

2. I'll select the criteria(Most viewed) and collection while creating activity.


Now do I need to setup two different activities for two different geos so that they pick entities from their respective selected collections and display the Most viewed entities.


Is this approach correct ?

Any guidance in this regard will be very helpful.


Thank you


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hey @LordOfTheRings,

Are the products mostly the same you just have English versions of the meta data and Thai versions of the meta data? If so one feed could work fine you just need to use extra attributes to accommodate the languages. And not all attributes need language versions probably (e.g., inventory, price).

Then you'd create 2 designs, one for the Thai attributes and one for the English. From an activity perspective you could use 2 activities one for each language.

If they product catalogs are unique then 2 feeds would be fine. I'd include an attribute for language/region just to allow easy collection creation. In that case I think definitely want to the 2 separate activities for each language.

Hope that helps,


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