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We have a problem with Target. A quick fix from our end could apparently be to download a newer version of the adobe at.js while setting a very short timeout (as it is now 15 seconds) and upload it on our CDN. Because of the long timeout all pages where the at.js is implemented are loading that long.

Does it sound relevant? How can we do this?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




maryloua46445822​ Sure you can edit the timeout value and download the at.js file .

To open the Settings page and set the timeout value:

  1. Click Setup > Implementation.
  2. Select at.js > Edit at.js Settings.

To Download at.js Using the Target Interface:

  1. Click Setup > Implementation.
  2. Select at.js.
  3. Click Download at.js.

Implement Target without a tag manager

Hope this helps answer your question.

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