Adobe Target problem: Banner is not responsive

yoooom 13-05-2020

I am creating an experience in which the second-time visitors can see their interested-product on the first slide of carousel banner.


The original carousel banner was created with Adobe AEM. To add a new slide to the carousel banner, I inserted AEM-duplicated HTML code to Adobe target, however when previewed, the new slide is not responsive (only showed the desktop size) while the original slides created with AEM are responsive.


The reason I didn't create the additional slide in AEM because there is no hide slide function in AEM. So if anyone has an idea how to make the image responsive, Please let me know!


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TanviAgarwal89 20-05-2020

Hi @yoooom 


Are you using "srcset" attribute for images to be responsive on the website within AEM?


If yes, unfortunately Target by default, does not support this attribute currently .


However you can try to modify the HTML of the page with all the image sizes. Hope that helps!

Eric_Vidana 13-05-2020

When you say responsive, are you referring to the styling of the banner (css) or a grouping of images that are different sizes? If it is the css route, you can write your own rules: