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winstonl3651471 07-04-2020


Hope someone can provide assistance on a query I have.

Is it possible use Adobe Target to personalize the content based on URL query string value?


I want to personalize the landing page based on the cid parameters below


if it's possible, what's involved?





Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

LordOfTheRings 07-04-2020

Hi @winstonl3651471  Yes , you can create audience like :

Site Pages: Current Page --> Query contains --> cid=ac:email:re:lease

This audience shall target all visitors who landing page contains this query param

Answers (2)

Answers (2)



As @LordOfTheRings has pointed out you would: 
1. Define two audiences. 
2. Set up an XT (Experience Targetting) activity to target to each audience.
I'm a visual person and I wanted to share with you what the audience would look like in the UI here is a screen-shot:


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