Adobe Target integration with AEM 6.1 using Tealium as tag manager



Hi everyone,

I am working on Adobe Target integration with AEM /CQ .

I am successfully able to target pages from AEM Local instance.

But I am unable to target pages from AEM AWS server.

I am working on targeting based on the type of browser.

Using server pages, I can see personalized content only in Internet Explorer.But not in any other Browser.

In IE, on the page from aws ,when i inspect element->console , I am able to see mboxCreate variable.But in any other browser,it says, mboxCreate is not defined.

Can you please help me with this?



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HI Shilpa,

It seems that mbox.js is itself not able to load completely on the page . Can you please use mboxDebug to troubleshoot the mbox to make sure the mbox is firing and the cookie (mbox cookie) is being set ?. Please see link for more information on debugging :

Troubleshooting Content Delivery

I suspect that since your are using cloud-based instances (Amazon AWS)  to test Adobe Target.The issue may be because of the Cookie domain setting.  The at.js and mbox.js JavaScript libraries use cookies to track users to ensure that Target always presents a consistent experience. If theTarget JavaScript libraries can't save cookies, Target requests are disabled.  please see the link for more information :Using Cloud-Based Instances with Target