Adobe Target : How visit is calculated

LordOfTheRings 09-04-2020

Hi Team,


This might be a basic question but I am not getting clarity about the visits in Adobe Target.


PCID is the target Visitor Id which decides the unique visitor.

Just wanted to check how a visit is calculated in target ?




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

skand 17-04-2020



30 minutes of inactivity in a session, marks the end of the session that is equivalent to one visit.


Note : These counts takes few minutes to reflect in reporting 

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Answers (3)

arunk19034797 11-04-2020



The following document may help you understand visits in Adobe target report





As @Amelia_Waliany & @arunk19034797 have pointed out a Target native metric would be more like activity entries etc. Visit is more of an Adobe Analytics concept. A visit is a 30min session. This is touched on in this KB article:

Mihnea Docea | Technical Support Consultant | Customer Experience | Adobe | 1 (800) 497-0335


The visit metric is always associated with a time period, so you know whether to count a new visit if the same visitor returns to your site. A session starts when the user first arrives on your site, and ends under one of the following scenarios:

  • 30 minutes of inactivity: Almost all sessions end in this manner. If more than 30 minutes has lapsed between server requests, a new visit begins.