Adobe Target Global MBOX



I have installed Adobe target V2 extension with at.js version 2.2.0 in adobe launch .

I also have written rule in adobe launch and did “load target” and “fire global mbox” .

A4T configuration is done and working fine .

I have also created an A/B test activity .

However when I load the page(where launch code is present) , I am not able to find any beacon in network tab when I filter it with “mbox” and also in adobe debugger I am not able to find global MBOX name, i could only see the at.js version in summary tab of debugger under adobe target libraries.

Please let me know how to instantiate Global MBOX or how to debug MBOX.

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Latest AT.js version using 'delivery' API for loading then campaign in the page. please search 'delivery' in network tab. You will see the API call there.