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Had an issue last night where two tests were set to fire on the same URL. 

One test had a priority of 0 (lowest) the other had a priority of 1 (higher).  What happened is both sets of content were displayed next to each other.

I used VEC, but the way we operate (for context) is that we have our developers give us custom JS code that injects code into a "slot" if that slot exists on the page, so I'm not manually moving things around and editing images.

Did some QA on this, and it looks like Target never respects priority in our case?

I'm wondering if my understanding here is just flawed, would welcome any help

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Take a look at the following priority section from the help documentation (Link: Priority​).

"If the content for each activity references different CSS selectors, then all content is displayed.

If there is an overlap or a duplicated CSS selector, then the activity content with the highest priority is displayed. The results from all activities that run on the page are counted and reflected in the reports."

This is occurring due to the way you are changing content with custom code and to get around this you are going to have to do some additional audience setup work to ensure that a visitor doesn't qualify for the two activities at the same time.

This usually involves setting a profile script with a value and then using that value as an exclusion in the audience setup.
See Adobe Target Help | How to exclude one A/B test's traffic from another A/B test ? for an idea of this. I am sure there are more examples floating around or someone else might chime in.

Edit: Added this youtube video that shows another method for doing this:

Profile Scripts in Adobe Target - YouTube

- Rylan