Adobe Target Create Activity grayed out

brianr13491356 10-12-2015

Hi, I havce been set up as a user for Adobe Target by my administrator with the same access rights as a number of members of my team but for some reason, I cannot create any tests as my Create Activity button is not active.

My administrator cannot find any reason for this and so I find myself here. Any help much appreciated.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



If you have editor/approver privileges in Target but are still unable to see click the "Create Activity" button, this could be related to an open "touch support" issue (see our known issues page). If this sound like your situation, one workaround in Google Chrome is to disable touch support touch (enter chrome://flags/ into your browser and navigate to the option ). The best way to validate is to try logging in on a non-touch device and seeing if the problem goes away.

This bug will be fixed in our January 2016 release.

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

brianr13491356 21-12-2015

Hi Jon and thanks very much for this info. This does not seem to have made a difference but I'll look into this a bit more and if all else fails, hopefully the January release may solve the issue.


brianr13491356 16-12-2015

Ok, thanks, he's stumped as to what the issue is too as there are a number of users set up on the same permissions but for some reason my experience is different to others. Thanks for getting back to me on this though.



Hi Brain,

It seems you do not have the rights. You need to speak to the Admin of your account. He/She can make you the approver.



Hi Brian,

Thank you for reaching out to Adobe Community.

Before you can start creating activities in Adobe Target. You need to give yourself the Approver role. An approver can create activities in Target. Until you have the approver role, the create activity button would be greyed out.

You can give yourself the approver role by Clicking Setup > Users and selecting the radio button under approver.

See the screenshot below:

Hope this helps!